Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star

Wood preservative for use against wood rotting fungi. New low odour, solvent-based formula. Suitable for fences, sheds, cladding and most external timber. Penetrates deep into the wood to give long lasting protection.

Please note Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star is a new product, the colours in this range may not match older versions of the Blackfriar Gold Star Wood Preservative, please ensure when multiple cans are used for a project they are from this new Blackfriar Exterior Wood Preservative Gold Star range (recognisable by the can design as featured on the left).

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  • Protects against wet rot, dry rot, blue staining and wood boring insects
  • HSE approved
  • Contains Permethrin & Propiconazole
  • Low odour, solvent-based
  • Improved colour strength and retention



Application Information


Hard Dry 24 hours
Recoatable Allow to dry thoroughly before recoating
Thinning Do not dilute
  • BrushBrush
  • Conventional SprayerConventional Sprayer
Pack Sizes

1 Ltr, 2.5 Ltrs, 5 Ltrs and 25 Ltrs.