How to create a Chalkboard

Chalkboard Paint

If you thought chalkboards were just for classrooms, think again. These wipe off writing surfaces are perfect for shopping lists, reminders and family messages in the kitchen, office or kid’s bedrooms. Perfect for a door, or area on a blank wall. Use Blackfriar Chalkboard Paint to create your own chalkboard or to renovate an old one.




Protect surrounding areas from paint splashes with newspaper or dust sheets.

Ensure the surface to be coated is clean, dry, sound and free from wax, grease or other contamination. Chalkboard paint can be used on most surfaces. Previously painted surfaces should be abraded and degreased. For metal surfaces, ensure any rust is removed and abrade, then prime with Blackfriar Metal Primer. New or other bare surfaces should be primed with the appropriate Blackfriar Primer (if in doubt try Blackfriar Multi Surface Primer). Leave primer to dry.



Stir the Blackfriar Chalkboard Paint thoroughly and apply two coats according to the instructions on the can. (Second coat to be applied after 16 hours and within 3 days).



Leave the surface to dry for a further 16 hours and your chalkboard is ready.

Clean brushes with white spirit after use.